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Project Projection
local film and video

PROJECT PROJECTION was an evening showcase of Madison Local filmmakers and video artists. 

Program Details

A Floral Fire | Grant Phipps | 3.5 minutes

Experimental. Tripped-out found-footage flowers and fields, consumed by fire (and rot), among a patchwork of analog and digital spaces.

Happy Birthday | Paulina Eguino | 2 minutes

Stop-motion claymation. A student stressed by her studies on her birthday decides to just sleep. But when she does, her creative ideas (clay figures) run active through the night. 


Down Bad | Akiwele Burayidi, Elyza Therese Parker | 5 minutes

Screen dance. Three performers warm up backstage. Will they be ready by show time? Performance by Tye Trondson, Audrey Glock, and Jax Neal.


Buff by Dawn | Phantasmagoria, Inc. | 4.5 minutes

Music video. A man receives a VHS of two workout mavens urging viewers to get buff overnight. Man succeeds, smashes time, and transcends the grave. Performance by Luke Leavitt, Pooky Augustine, Robert Abbot, TJ Clancy and Beth Martin.


Surfacing: A Hedged Ephemera | Meggen Heuss | 5 minutes

Experimental. A showcase of found & procured footage in a collage format, following techniques studied in the Found Footage and Collage Cinema class at Arts + Literature Laboratory in Spring 2022.


Lonely Rave | Tye Trondson, Akiwele Burayidi, Elyza Therese Parker  | 7 minutes

Screen dance. Lonely Rave follows dancer Burayidi as she navigates between two worlds: an abandoned kindergarten classroom and an empty green rave. Burayidi shifts from a shy uneasiness, to boldly uncomfortable. By sinking into discomfort unapologetically, Lonely Rave suggests we must feel how we feel until it’s time to feel different.

Today | Bea Frank | 3 minutes

Experimental. With this piece, I wanted to examine the way violence is conditioned into the way children are raised. This film was created using entirely archival footage, some of which came from my family’s own home videos.


Mirror Selfie | Gracie Wallner | 3 minutes

Experimental. A queer short film self-portrait about self-reflection, gaze, and acceptance. A Lumina Flick.


Dark Matter | Rakhi Winston | 4.5 minutes

A dance film exploring personal tribulations of cycles of blame you might put on others when we hurt ourselves repeatedly due to not taking control of and responsibility for our own emotions and actions. Performance by Akiwele Burayidi, Cecilia Monroy, and Rakhi Winston. 


H_e_a_r_t_s_i_c_k | Paulina Eguino | 2 minutes

Coping with the grief of a love lost, a vicious cycle of drinking and sleeping ensues. Days blur together as one overthinks what was real or fake between the two lovers.


Boogie Shoes | Tye Trondson | 21 minutes

Boogie Shoes exists somewhere between documentary and screendance. Featuring twenty-five tender, silly, and groovy subjects, Boogie Shoes celebrates our feet and the shoes we wear.



Mills Folly Microcinema showcases nationally recognized experimental film and video art from the festival and microcinema circuit. We network with regional filmmakers and organizations to bring filmmakers and guest programmers to Madison for screenings. And we incubate local experimental filmmaking by providing screen time at Project Projection events.


Mills Folly Microcinema is funded in part by grants from Dane Arts and the Madison Arts Commission, with additional funds from the Wisconsin Arts Board.

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